APNIC Membership

Do you know your organisation needs to be registered with APNIC but don’t know where to get started?┬áv4Now assists both corporates and ISP’s with getting registered with APNIC and we help you manage your relationship with the APNIC community.

Firstly… why does someone join APNIC?

  • You get your own independent IP resources
  • Your network mapping is independent of your provider
  • You will have added security features
  • You can participate in regional policy discussions on Internet Governance issues
  • You can also participate in global IP measurements and other research

However, if all you are really concerned about is having your own IP resources and want someone else to take care of your interests in regional and global Internet Governance and Policy discussions then v4Now can register your company so you get the resources and take care of the rest.

If you would like v4Now to assist in registering your organisation with APNIC and manage the account and relationship then please Click Here to contact us.