I’m looking to buy some IPv4 what do I do next?

Are you running out of IPv4 and know that you need some new resources to continue expanding your business?

IPv4 is like oil, it is a valuable non-renewable resource that many of us need more of. Like oil, IPv4 can be expensive currently around $11-$19 per IP based on the size of the block and availability. However, we predict this will go up with supply running out and demand increasing the prices of v4 are likely to get up to $25-$30 per IP.

There are three things you need to consider before entering the IPv4 market:

  1. You need to know your budget – you will need to allocate spend for the Ip addresses, APNIC (and any RIR) transfer fees, and Escrow fees if you are going to use that kind of service.

  2. You need to ensure you are approved by APNIC for the size of the block you want to purchase.

  3. You will need to be ready to receive and pay for the IP block as soon as you put in an offer, because if the transaction is held up at your end the seller may choose another offer.

If you have approval from APNIC and a prepared budget you are well on your way to the IPv4 you need. Once you have these ready you will need a seller. v4Now can help you find this side of your transaction, please Click Here to register your interest.