Who is v4Now?

v4Now Pty Ltd is a dedicated IPv4 Broker and former business unit of Future Sumo. v4Now Pty Ltd was established because there is an ever increasing demand for IPv4 resources in ermerging economies and also developed economies with expanding infrastructure.  

The (ratther depressing) current snapshot is :

APNIC – Ran out in April 2011
RIPE – Ran out in September 2012
LACNIC – Ran out in June 2014
ARIN – Ran out in September 2015
AFRINIC – Expected to run out in June 2018

Sourced from: www.potaroo.net/tools/ipv4/

The world population is approximately 7.2 billion people, and 4.2 billion of those are in the APNIC region. Additionally, the populations of China and India combined have 2.5 billion people and are the fastest-growing users of technology and the Internet in the world.

v4Now has been established with two important purposes:

1) Getting resources to those who need it
2) The needs of the APNIC region

v4Now is biased towards the buyers of IPv4 resources who are based in the APNIC region.  We will work with sellers anywhere in the world as long as those resources are coming into the APNIC region to businesses and Service Providers who need them.

Most brokers of anything are purely in the business for their commission.  We at v4Now do charge for our services, but in a fair and equitable way that does not exploit the buyers of resources or by taking large commissions from the sellers.

At v4Now, you can be sure that you will be looked after by people who are passionate about Internet Governance and who are here to help you navigate your resource requirements until IPv6 critical penetration is reached.

v4Now is the only registered broker in the APNIC region that are based in Australia.  Through our extensive experience in the region, we understand your needs as well as the governance policies and trends within the APNIC region.